Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pregnant Hula Girl Cake!!! (Using Wilton Classic Wonder Mold Doll Pan)

My cousin recently had a luau themed baby shower and I wanted to make her an extra special cake... This is what I came up with:

Pregnant Hula Girl Cake!!!!!
Making this cake wasn't terribly complicated but it did take me a little while to think of what I wanted to do and how I could execute it as simply as possible!
I started off with the Wilton Classic Wonder Mold Doll Pan. I purchased it at my local Michael's store using one of their 50% off a regularly priced item coupons, bringing the price down a good amount!
I have posted before about my favorite chocolate cake recipe, which I have blogged about before. I made a 1.5 batch of that cake for this project.
I assembled the Doll Pan (it comes disassembled slightly to ease in packaging), washed it, then used vegetable oil to grease the interior along with the extra "pole" that will stick through the middle of the cake to make it all bake evenly. 
I baked this cake for well over an hour (I would estimate nearly 70 minutes!). After the 50 minutes they recommended, I checked it every 8-10 to make sure I didn't overcook it.
This is what I ended up with:

Doesnt look perfect but who cares! It's going to be covered in frosting!
The cake baked very evenly. As a precaution, I wrapped dampened strips of towels around the pan. I have noticed this can make a difference in the around the cake domes up.
I used the Wilton tip #789 to frost the cake once I had it on my turn table. I am not exaggerating, that tip has REVOLUTIONIZED cake decorating for me. I used to fuss around and strugged with frosting my cakes, trying to get an even coating on the entire thing and also avoiding those dreaded CRUMBS. By using this tip, you will get a more even coating of frosting and also save a ton of time. In this video, they show you how to use it. I learned how in a Wilton Cake decorating basics class this past month (this will be covered in another blog spot, but yes, it was worth every penny!!!)
Once my cake was coated with a thin layer of the light brown buttercream, I moved onto adding the texture. I used the Wilton tip #233, which is typically used for grass, and used a thinner consistency buttercream dyed with a bit of cocoa powder. This allowed the frosting to come out in longer lines and look more like a grass skirt. I started from the top and worded around and around, going back and filling in areas that seemed a little light.
I used the tip #18 to make some small drop flowers on her skirt.
As for the doll, as you may have noticed, I did a little motifying to the original "ethnic" doll pic to make her not JUST a hula girl, but a pregnant hula girl (this was for a baby shower!!).
I used a thicker consistency buttercream with some cocoa powder added to match the doll's skin color to pipe on a pregnant belly. As it started to dry, I used some parchment paper dampened to smooth around her stomach. I also used buttercream to add the top and the lei.
And that is it!
All the baked goods I brought to the shower!
If you have any questions for me, let me know!

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