Monday, October 1, 2012

Some of my recent projects...

As with most people, my productivity comes in spurts. Some weeks, I can hardly pack myself a lunch; others, I will spend a day cooking and baking.

In the last couple months, I've done several baking projects inspired by things seen on Pinterest or things I find at JoAnn's.

These are in no particular order...

-My take on spice cake with cinnamon buttercream on top:

That's not the greatest pic but the recipe was pretty simple (found on

I added less butter (1/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup) and more apple sauce (2 cups instead of 1 1/2) to try making them a little more healthy. This resulted in a little denser cake but incredibly moist.

I didn't have to take any home so I'm guessing they were a hit!

- Pumpkin spice cookies with glaze
I made these to raise money for a breast cancer walk I participated in (I raised over $200 selling baked goods and through other donations!). The recipe for these was also found on pinterest:
I used canned pumpkin and added pumpkin pie spice. Also, I ALWAYS bake my cookies on parchment paper. No matter how great the cookie sheet is, I tend to get the best, most consistent results on parchment paper.
These are the other cookies I sold:)
See, now you can understand how I raked in the cash!

-Cheeseburger cupcakes

These seem a lot more complicated than they actually were. Just took some patience and focus!

In order to yield one dozen "cheeseburgers," I baked one dozen vanilla cupcakes (baked WITHOUT liners to give it the golden edges) and half a dozen (6) chocolate cupcakes!

After letting them cool, I began cutting the cupcakes in half as I needed them. I placed the bottom half of the vanilla cupcake in a liner, in the plastic cupcake container, and then started building my burgers. I just used yellow and red colored buttercream frosting piped on in a messy looking way and green coconut (coconut in a plastic baggy+generous amount of green food dye=lettuce!). Then I set the tops on and had cheeseburgers! (I've seen people put actual seasame seeds or small candies to look like them but I didn't feel that was necessary).

Well, hope this helps someone out!


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